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Fraternity Staff
Phone: 614-481-8169     Fax: 614-481-0133 
    (available direct dial numbers are listed in parentheses)
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 EST
Click here for a listing of general staff responsibilities.

The staff at Delta Gamma Executive Offices is committed to providing exceptional service and professional support to all.

Delta Gamma Fraternity
eo_ed_colleen_mcguire.jpg DSC_0093.JPG 
Melissa Eckenrode.jpg Andy Snyder Dodge_Kate_4x6.jpg

Fraternity Executive Director: Colleen McGuire, Pi-Montana
Assistant Fraternity Executive Director Tracey Doebling Williams,
    Beta Sigma-Maryland, x333 (487-5533)
Director of Human Resources & Facilities Management:
    Melissa Less Eckenrode, Gamma Epsilon-Kent State, x341
IT Manager  Andy Snyder, x349 (487-5549)
IT Support Specialist Kate Dodge, x335 (487-5535)

Operations Department
 Gary_Alison_4x6.jpg amanda trueman_4x6.jpg  
 Emily.jpg Ally.jpg

Director of Events and Operations:
    Alison Gary, Alpha Rho-Ohio Wesleyan, x311 (487-5511)
Director of Events: *Amanda DeBernardi Trueman, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State, x318 (487-5518)
Operations Specialists:
    Emily McDaniel, Alpha Theta-North Dakota, x297 (4817-5597)
    Ally Barnett, Beta Mu-Bowling Green, x313 (487-5513)      
Administrative Specialist: Olivia Williams, Beta Mu-Bowling Green, x300 (481-8169)

Communications Department
 Mary_Ellen_Hardies.jpg Lisa_Gregory.jpg Haas_Marilyn_4x6.jpg
 Jayme_Detweiler_2_2013.jpg  Kelsey.jpg
Director of Communications: Mary Ellen Hardies, x308 (487-5508)
ANCHORA Editor: Lisa Gregory Dodge, Zeta Rho-Ohio, x339 (487-5539)
Fraternity Archivist: *Marilyn Ellis Haas, Alpha Rho-Ohio Wesleyan, x319 (487-5519)
Social Media Manager & Associate Editor: Jayme Detweiler  x223 (487-5593)
Multi-Media Manager:  Kelsey Joseph, Delta Beta-Kentucky, x309 (487-5509)

Finance Department
Sandy Kuespert.jpg Phyllis Weirtz.jpg Linda Hanes.jpg
Sara Ruebensaal.jpg Stephanie Case.jpg Whitley Willis
Sandy Kuespert
Fraternity Accountant: Sandy Kuespert, Gamma Theta-Florida, x317 (487-5517)
Accounting Specialist: Phyllis Suscinski Weirtz, Gamma Epsilon-Kent State, x326 (487-5526)
Accounting Specialist: Linda Hanes, x321 (487-5521)
Collegiate Finance Consultant: Sara Heilmann Ruebensaal, Epsilon-Ohio State, x328 (487-5528)
Collegiate Finance Consultant: Stephanie Anderson Case, Beta Epsilon-American, x327 (487-5527)
Collegiate Finance Consultant: Whitley Willis, x323 (487-5523)
Staff Accountant: Laura Wartel, Epsilon Mu-William and Mary, ex 287 (487-5587)

Delta Gamma Office of Housing
Call the Office of Housing directly at 614-487-5599
Office of Housing Fax: 614-487-5595 

Mandy Reymann 
Brandi Claar Doug_Miller_2_13.jpg Laurie Ruggles.jpg 
Sharon Deringer.jpg Molly.jpg Amy.jpg
Jenni Lohri Blevins_Jessica_4x6.jpg

Housing Program Director:  Mandy Ames Reymann, Beta Zeta- Denison, x360
Housing Program Manager: Brandi Claar, Alpha Tau-Butler,  x364
Housing Program Accountant:  Doug Miller, x363 (487-5563)
Accounts Payable Specialists:
    Laurie Ruggles (Regions 4 and 8),  x361
        Region 4 -
        Region 8 -  
    Sharon Deringer (Regions 2,3 and 7), x362
         Region 2 -
         Region 3 - 
         Region 7 -         
    Doug Miller (Regions 1,5 and 6), x363
         Region 1 -
         Region 5 - 
         Region 6 -
Financial Administrative Assistant:  Molly Flasche, Beta Epsilon-American, 
Human Resource Specialist: *Amy Hoey, x368 (487-5565)
Human Resource Specialist: Deborah Wasserman, x368 (487-5565)
Payroll Administrator:  Jenni Lohri, Zeta Rho-Ohio, x365
Housing Administrative Specialist:   Jessica Blevins, x367 (487-5567)

Member Services and Extension
Collegiate Services Fax: 614-583-2378

 Rivers_Elizabeth_4x6.jpg Kellie Ali.jpg Erin_Huffman.jpg
 Alli2.jpg Melissa Flemming Fernbach_Liz_4x6.jpg 
 sam_headshot.jpg Kati Fratesi Headshot.jpg Lorie Hunter.JPG
Director of Member Services: Tracey Doebling Williams, Beta Sigma-Maryland, x333 (487-5533) 
    (pictured at the top of the page)
Alumnae Development Specialist: Elizabeth Rivers, Delta Beta-Kentucky  x338 (487-5538)
Alumnae Services Administrator: *Kellie Schoedinger Ali, Theta-Indiana, x 325 (487-5525)
Director of Education and Development: Erin Huffman-Richard, Alpha Rho-Ohio Wesleyan, x347
Director of Member Development: Allie Crouse, x225 (487-5591)
Member Service Assistant: *Melissa Fleming, Delta Epsilon-University of the Pacific, x305 (487-5505)
Collegiate Development Specialists:
Elisabeth (Liz) Fernbach, Beta Zeta-Denison, 
                      (Regions 4,7,8), x332 (487-5532)
Samantha Mogab, Zeta Eta-Texas State,
                        (Regions 1,3), x331  (487-5531)
Kati Fratesi, Delta Kappa-South Florida 
                       (Regions 2,5,6) x226 (487-5592)
Extension Specialist: Lorie Hunter, Epsilon-Ohio State, x329 (487-5529)

Delta Gamma Foundation
Call the Foundation toll-free at 1-800-644-5414

 Rox Anne LaMuth.jpg  Kathleen Kirby.JPG  Charlie_Martinez_2012.jpg
 Ernie Holladay.jpg  Martin_Leslie_4x6.jpg  Katrina Ruscilli 


Interim Executive Director: Roxanne Ebner LaMuth, Epsilon-Ohio State, x316 (487-5516)
Assistant Executive Director: Kathleen Williams Kirby,
    Alpha Rho-Ohio Wesleyan, x324 (487-5524)
Development Officer and Director of Social Media: Charlie Martinez, x224
Director of Annual Giving & Development Officer: Kari Andersen Roll, Zeta Upsilon-Furman, x306
Foundation Accountant: Ernie Holladay, x315 (487-5515)
Director of Planned Giving: Leslie Loop Martin,
    Gamma Rho-Wittenberg, x307
Donor Relations Specialist *Katrina Ruscilli, x296 (487-5596)
Development and Communications Associate: Lee Deadwyler,
Gamma Iota-DePauw, x337 (487-5537)

Traveling Staff: Collegiate Development Consultants 2013-2014
for bios and visit info, log in to myDG here

*denotes part-time staff

revisions by AAS, April 2014

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