Barbara Nussa Boersma Library

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Communications Officers Brand Activity
Anchorbase: Overview of the Basics
Quick Reference Guide for Confidential Information
2020 Alumnae Excellence Award Winners
Foundation: Important Dates and Deadlines
Adding Alumnae Officers to Anchorbase
Advisory Team Position Descriptions
2021-2023 Leadership Appointments
Virtual Programming Guide
Making the Most of Your Membership - Alumnae Engagement Guide
Foundation: Healthy Reading, Healthy Vision Toolkit
Alumnae Group Status Change Checklist and Application (Association to Chapter)
Alumnae Group Status Change Checklist and Application (Chapter to Association)
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Programming
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: President
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Membership
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Foundation
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Finance
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Communications
Alumnae Group Evaluation Tool Worksheet
Awards: Alumnae Hope Award Instructions
2020 & 2021 Individual Alumnae Award Recipients
Foundation: Alumnae Do Good Hours Tracker
Recommendation Chair FAQ
Alumnae: Engaging Recent Graduates
Anchorbase: How to Remove a Calendar Event
Alumnae Group Membership Area Update Form
Alumnae Group Merger Checklist
Alumnae Group Evaluation Action Planning Tool
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Resource (Including Evaluations)
Alumna Initiate Process - Guidelines for Success
Alumnae Officers Manual
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Alumnae Groups - Graphic
Alumnae Budget Template
Alumna Initiate Handout
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Alumnae Groups - FULL VERSION
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Alumnae Groups - BRIEF VERSION
Awards: Alumnae Anchor Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Cable Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Loyalty Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Oxford Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Shield Award Instructions
Alumna Initiate Statement of Obligation
Alumna Initiate Endorsement Form
Alumna Initiate Application
Alumnae Membership Review Process
Alumna Initiate Recommendation Form
Alumnae Alcohol Responsibilities Guide
Founders Day: Planning Guide
Founders Day: Recognition
Collumnae Event Planning Guide
Alumnae Group Name Change Checklist & Application
Alumnae Group Disbandment Checklist
Awards: Alumnae Order of the Delta Gamma Rose Instructions
Alumnae Group Zip Code Analysis and Update Process
Alumnae Group 5 Star Programming Ideas
Alumnae Group Model Bylaws
DG Driver Agreement (no alcohol)
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