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There are countless opportunities to engage with Delta Gamma as an alumna. From joining an alumnae group, connecting with sisters virtually, or welcoming outstanding women into our sisterhood through the alumna initiate program, the options are endless!

Alumnae Groups

Through lifetime membership in Delta Gamma, sisters are given the opportunity to belong to and support one of the leading international women's fraternities. Upon graduation, whether relocating or staying in the same city, alumnae groups are an instant connection to sisters.

Delta Gamma alumnae are encouraged to participate in a local alumnae group. Chapters and associations are organized by members who live in the same city or general location. Alumnae groups come in all shapes and sizes and vary according to interests and demographics, but all offer lifetime membership opportunities for friendship, leadership, networking, sisterhood and doing good.

To find an alumnae group near you, click on our chapter locator.

If there is not an alumnae group in your area and you are interested in forming an alumnae group, contact alumnaedept@deltagamma.org to learn more about the process.

Virtual Alumnae Groups and Social Media

Are you looking to connect with your sisters online? Join the Virtual Alumnae Group on Facebook to meet women from all stages of life, no matter where you are located. This is also a great place for Delta Gammas living, traveling or studying abroad without a nearby alumnae group!

Delta Gamma is committed to creating inclusive and supportive spaces for our sisters to connect on social media, including our DG Women of Color group, and our DG Rainbow group for members who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Vimeo. You can also stay in touch with the Fraternity by reading the ANCHORA magazine, which features news and updates on all things Delta Gamma!

Alumna Initiate Program

Delta Gamma is also proud to offer an invitation of membership to select women who are interested in joining our sisterhood after their collegiate years through our Alumna Initiate Program. Delta Gamma alumna initiates can expect to form lasting bonds with women who want to make the world a better place.

We are looking for women who will bring the qualities that our members themselves hold near and dear, such as:

  • The best qualities of character
  • Aspiration to belong to an organization with high ideals of friendship
  • Educational and cultural interests
  • A true sense of social responsibility
  • A desire to develop on a personal level

The Alumna Initiate Program involves forming a connection with a local alumnae group, collegiate chapter, or number of members over several months. During that time, the candidate should expect to attend group events, locate a Delta Gamma in good standing to serve as her sponsor, and put together an application packet for submission to our international Council. Once approved, an alumna initiate candidate, together with her sponsor, will participate in initiation with a collegiate chapter. Alumnae groups and collegiate chapters interested in participating in the Alumna Initiate Program can read a more detailed overview of the process in the DG library. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in the Alumna Initiate Program by contacting Alumnae Services at alumnaedept@deltagamma.org

Alumnae Dues

As an alumna, supporting Delta Gamma through your alumnae per capita dues is a great way to make a significant impact for your sisters. When you put our purpose into practice, you strengthen our sisterhood.

Alumnae per capita dues support Fraternity operations, such as:

  • The publication of our award-winning quarterly magazine, the ANCHORA
  • Extension and recruitment efforts to bring Delta Gamma chapters to new campuses
  • The establishment of new alumnae groups
  • Development of new and modifications to existing Fraternity programs
  • The care and preservation of Delta Gamma’s archives 
  • Volunteer and staff support for collegiate and alumnae members
  • The creation and implementation of new educational and training materials for Delta Gamma volunteers and members
  • Large-scale Delta Gamma events, including Convention

Alumnae groups also collect local dues to fund their group events and activities. With your support, alumnae groups can offer an engaging experience for you and your local alumnae sisters to participate in.

To submit a secure payment, log in to your profile and select “Pay alumnae per capita & local dues”.


The future of Delta Gamma depends on our loyal and dedicated alumnae. Alumnae sisters provide hope through continued support, service and sisterhood.

Questions about alumnae membership? Contact alumnaedept@deltagamma.org


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