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#DeltaGammasAre Template
#IAmASororityWoman Toolkit
2019 Excellence in Operations Award for House Corporations
2019-2021 Fraternity Leadership Appointments
2020 & 2021 Individual Alumnae Award Recipients
2020 Alumnae Excellence Award Winners
2020-2022 Fraternity Council Bios
2020-2023 Strategic Forecast | 2020-2021 Progress Report
2021 Chapters of Excellence
2021-2022 Calendar Planning Guide
2021-2022 CDC Recruitment Related Visits
2021-2022 Collegiate Chapter Resource Guide
2021-2022 Collegiate Development Consultant (CDC) Team
2021-2022 Collegiate Recruitment Schedule
2021-2022 Schedule of Dues and Fees
2021-2023 Delta Gamma Leadership Photo Directory
2021-2023 Leadership Appointments
2022 Collegiate Advisory Board Application
2022 Regional Training Days (RTD) Chapter Track Assignments
2022 Regional Training Days (RTD) Schedule of Events
45 Day Financial Expulsion Review Letter
A Letter from the Fraternity President - January 2021
About Alumnae Development Consultants
ADC Transition to Region Form
Adding Alumnae Officers to Anchorbase
Administrative Specialist Job Description
Adviser Policy
Adviser Recognition Ideas
Adviser Training Academy (ATA) Bulletin of Information
Adviser Training Academy 2020 Session Content
Advisory Team Handbook
Advisory Team Position Descriptions
Airline Corporate Account Numbers
Alpha Beta-Swarthmore Chapter History
Alpha Chi-Penn State Chapter History
Alpha Delta-Oregon Chapter History
Alpha Epsilon-Washington University Chapter History
Alpha Eta-Whitman Chapter History
Alpha Gamma-Toronto Chapter History
Alpha Iota-Oklahoma Chapter History
Alpha Kappa-Washburn Chapter History
Alpha Lambda-Drake Chapter History
Alpha Mu-Beloit Chapter History
Alpha Nu-USC Chapter History
Alpha Omega-Arkansas Chapter History
Alpha Omicron-Miami (Ohio) Chapter History
Alpha Phi-British Columbia Chapter History
Alpha Pi-Arizona Chapter History
Alpha Psi-Mississippi Chapter History
Alpha Rho-Ohio Wesleyan Chapter History
Alpha Sigma-UCLA Chapter History
Alpha Tau-Butler Chapter History
Alpha Theta-North Dakota Chapter History
Alpha Upsilon-Southern Methodist Chapter History
Alpha Xi-West Virginia Chapter History
Alpha Zeta-Lawrence Chapter History
Alpha-Mount Union Chapter History
Alumna Initiate Application
Alumna Initiate Endorsement Form
Alumna Initiate Handout
Alumna Initiate Process - Guidelines for Success
Alumna Initiate Recommendation Form
Alumna Initiate Statement of Obligation
Alumnae Alcohol Responsibilities Guide
Alumnae Budget Template
Alumnae Dual Officer Grid
Alumnae Dues Payments Frequently Asked Questions
Alumnae Excellence Award Winners 2019
Alumnae Group 5 Star Programming Ideas
Alumnae Group Disbandment Checklist
Alumnae Group Evaluation Action Planning Tool
Alumnae Group Evaluation Tool Worksheet
Alumnae Group Membership Area Update Form
Alumnae Group Merger Checklist
Alumnae Group Model Bylaws
Alumnae Group Name Change Checklist & Application
Alumnae Group New Group Application & Instructions
Alumnae Group Revitalization, Merger and Disbandment Processes
Alumnae Group Status Change Checklist and Application (Association to Chapter)
Alumnae Group Status Change Checklist and Application (Chapter to Association)
Alumnae Group Zip Code Analysis and Update Process
Alumnae Membership Review Process
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Communications
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Finance
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Foundation
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Membership
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: President
Alumnae Officer Navigation Guide: Programming
Alumnae Officers Manual
Alumnae: Engaging Recent Graduates
Anchorbase: greekbill Integration Guide
Anchorbase: greekbill Integration Guide (visual)
Anchorbase: How to Remove a Calendar Event
Anchorbase: How to Update your Roster
Anchorbase: Overview of the Basics
Anchorbase: Pre Recruitment Call Agenda
Anchored Connections Frequently Asked Questions
Anchored in Panhellenic Resource Guide
Application for Reinstatement of Membership
Archives Intern Job Description
Article II Chapter Goal Setting
Assistant Director for Collegiate Development Job Description
ASTP Chapter Preparation Guide
ASTP FAQ for Advisers
ASTP Terms & Conditions
Attaching Files to Event Guidelines Task
Awards: Alumnae Anchor Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Cable Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Chapter Convention Awards Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Communications/Technology Awards Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Hope Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Hope for the Future Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Loyalty Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Order of the Delta Gamma Rose Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Oxford Award Instructions
Awards: Alumnae Shield Award Instructions
Awards: Collegiate & Professional Courage Award Application
Awards: Collegiate & Professional Courage Award Information
Awards: Collegiate Communications/Technology Awards Instructions
Awards: Delta Gamma Fraternity/Sorority Advisor (FSA) Award
Awards: Laederach Recruitment Award Instructions
Awards: Professionals Compass Award Information Sheet
Awards: Stellar Award Template
Background Check Release Form
Badge and Fraternity Jewelry Policy
Badge Order Form
Be Her Champion - video
Be Her Champion Worksheet
Behavioral Threat Assessment Rubric
Behind Happy Faces Virtual Guide
Beta Alpha-McGill Chapter History
Beta Beta-Alberta Chapter History
Beta Chi-Denver Chapter History
Beta Delta-Colorado College Chapter History
Beta Epsilon-American Chapter History
Beta Eta-Texas Chapter History
Beta Gamma-Utah Chapter History
Beta Iota-Purdue Chapter History
Beta Kappa-Kansas Chapter History
Beta Lambda-Gettysburg Chapter History
Beta Mu-Bowling Green Chapter History
Beta Nu-Carnegie Melon Chapter History
Beta Omega-Washington State Chapter History
Beta Phi-Pennsylvania Chapter History
Beta Psi-Alabama Chapter History
Beta Sigma-Maryland Chapter History
Beta Theta-Duke Chapter History
Beta Upsilon-Oregon State Chapter History
Beta Xi-Michigan State Chapter History
Beta Zeta-Denison Chapter History
Beta-Washington Chapter History
Big/Little Promise Form
Blood Alcohol Content Chart
Brand Elements (Logo, design elements, etc.)
Brand FAQ
Branding Guidelines
Bronze, Pink & YOU – Self-care Checklist
Budgeting Basics: Budget Profiles
Budgeting Basics: Profile Answer Key
Budgeting Basics: Slideshow
Bylaws and Standing Rules (BLSR) Addendum for 2021-2022 due to COVID-19
Bylaws and Standing Rules (BLSR) Model for 2021-2022
Cabinet/Foundation Event Waiver
Calendar Planning Guide 2022-2023
Calendar Requirements by Values
Campus Resource Worksheet for Collegiate Chapters
CDC Visit Schedule - Spring 2022
Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) Example
Changing of the Tides: Slating, Elections and Transitions (SET)
Chapter Anniversary Planning Handbook
Chapter Communications & PR Plan
Chapter Composites Guidelines
Chapter Excellence Program
Chapter Meeting Excuse
Chapter Retreat Planning Guidelines
Chapter Visit Report: RCS/CAC/NCC
Chef Job Description
Chi I-Water Valley Seminary Chapter History
Chi-Cornell Chapter History
Client Check Request
CMT Planning Tool
CMT Quick Guide: president
CMT Quick Guide: vp: communications
CMT Quick Guide: vp: finance
CMT Quick Guide: vp: Foundation
CMT Quick Guide: vp: member education
CMT Quick Guide: vp: membership
CMT Quick Guide: vp: Panhellenic
CMT Quick Guide: vp: programming
CMT Quick Guide: vp: social standards
Collection Notice
College Panhellenic Delegate Checklist
Collegiate Alcohol Policy
Collegiate Chapter Accountability Policy
Collegiate Chapter Budget Template Instructions
Collegiate Chapter Closure Policy
Collegiate Chapter Officers Manual (CCOM)
Collegiate Chapter Status Information
Collegiate Chapters List
Collegiate Chapters List Greek Letter Order
Collegiate Development Consultant (CDC) Application and Interview FAQ 2022-2023
Collegiate Development Consultant (CDC) Job Description
Collegiate Development Consultant (CDC) Support Guide
Collegiate Development Specialist Job Description
Collegiate Finance Handbook
Collegiate Finance Policy
Collegiate Finance: New Member Extended Payment Plan Guide 2019-2020
Collegiate Housing Infrastructure Act
Collegiate Officer Resume Skills
Collegiate Officer Webinars
Collegiate Recruitment Policy
Collegiate Recruitment Videos
Collegiate Tragedy Response Procedure
Collumnae Event Planning Guide
Committee Application
Committee Minutes Form
Common DEI Definitions
Communications Handbook
Communications Officers Brand Activity
Comprehensive List of Individual Alumnae Award Winners
Comprehensive Organizational Equity Assessment Report
Conflict of Interest Policy
Conflict of Interest Statement
Connect with Chapters on Instagram
Considerations for Donations for Collegiate Chapters and Alumnae Groups
Contextualization, Equity Assessment and Implementation Timeline
Convention 2020: Bulletin of Information & Registration
Convention 2020: Fraternity Award Winners
Convention 2020: Regional Awards (Alumnae)
Convention 2020: Regional Awards (Collegiate)
Convention 2022 | City of Philadelphia COVID-19 Regulations
Convention Trivia
Cook Job Description
Council Nominee Confidentiality Agreement
Council Nominee Information and Interest Form
COVID-19 Changes to DG Processes
CRC Quarterly Report
Creating Charges
Credentials Committee Policy
Crisis Communication Policy
Crisis Communication Protocol and FAQ
Crisis Management Quick Reference
Culture of Care
DEI Advisory Commission Bios
DEI Advisory Commission Charter
DEI Advisory Commission FAQ
Delinquent Report Spreadsheet
Delta Alpha-New Mexico Chapter History
Delta Beta-Kentucky Chapter History
Delta Chi-UC Davis Chapter History
Delta Epsilon-University of the Pacific Chapter History
Delta Eta-Cal State, Sacramento Chapter History
Delta Gamma Fraternity Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workflow
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Alumnae Groups - BRIEF VERSION
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Alumnae Groups - FULL VERSION
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Alumnae Groups - Graphic
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Collegiate Chapters - BRIEF VERSION
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Collegiate Chapters - FULL VERSION
Delta Gamma Fraternity Standards for Collegiate Chapters - Graphic
Delta Gamma Guide to Abbreviations
Delta Gamma Institute 2021 Location Assignment List
Delta Gamma Leadership Contact Directory
Delta Gamma Terminology Cheat Sheet
Delta I-Trinity Chapter History
Delta II-Hanover Chapter History
Delta Iota-Georgia Chapter History
Delta Kappa-South Florida Chapter History
Delta Lambda-Mississippi State Chapter History
Delta Mu-Florida Atlantic Chapter History
Delta Nu-Northern Illinois Chapter History
Delta Omega-William Woods Chapter History
Delta Omicron-Morehead State Chapter History
Delta Phi-UC Irvine Chapter History
Delta Pi-Southern Mississippi Chapter History
Delta Psi-Baylor Chapter History
Delta Rho-Virginia Tech Chapter History
Delta Sigma-Auburn Chapter History
Delta Tau-Missouri Southern Chapter History
Delta Theta-Georgia State Chapter History
Delta Upsilon-Indiana University/Purdue University, Fort Wayne Chapter History
Delta Xi-Ball State Chapter History
Delta Zeta-Memphis Chapter History
DG Coloring Pages
DG Coloring Pages Submission Guidelines
DG Dialogues Program Guide
DG Driver Agreement (no alcohol)
DG Images FAQ
DG Songs & Music: In the Key of DG Playlist (Audio Files)
DG Songs & Music: In the Key of DG Songbook (Lyrics and Sheet Music)
DG Songs & Music: Learn the Lyrics PowerPoint
DG Songs & Music: Songs of DG (1977 Music and Lyrics)
DG Style Guide
DG Style Guide Chapter Names
DG Talks Podcast: Lifetime Membership hosted by Maureen Syring
Direct Deposit Form
Disbursement Request Form
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Support Toolkit for Collegiate Chapters
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives
Early Alumnae Status (EAS) Request Packet
Election Guidelines
Electronic Voting Guidelines for Collegiate Chapters
Email Signature Style Outline
Employee Information Form
Employee Management Service
Employee Management Service - CA
Employee Search and Screening Service
Employee Separation Form
Employment Committee and House Director Checklist
EVC Transition Workshop - Inclusion
Event Expense Report Form
Event Expense Report Instructions
Event Guidelines: BYOB Procedures
Event Guidelines: BYOB Waiver
Event Guidelines: Collegiate Checklist
Event Guidelines: Security Waiver
Event Guidelines: Social Event Planning Guide
Event Guidelines: Summary and Intended Purposes of the Event Guideline Waivers
Event Guidelines: Venue Waiver
Event Roster
Excused Status: Application
Excused Status: Financial Resource
Executive Offices Staff Organization Charts
Executive Offices Staff Photo Directory
Expense Report Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
Facilities Agreement
Fall 2021 Collegiate Development Consultant Schedule
Family Guide
Farewell to Our DG Sister: Memorial Ceremony
FHC Articles of Incorporation and Constitution
FHC: Major Project Notification - Form A
FHC: Major Projects Approval Process
Finance, Honor Board and Excused Status Resource
Financial Transparency for Chapter Members
Financial Transparency for Potential New Members (PNMs)
Financial Transparency Resource for Collegiate Chapters
First Report of Injury Form
FMC Resource Information
Force for Good Leadership Series
Formal Transition Workshop PowerPoint
Foundation Constitution
Foundation Education for Recruitment: Let's Talk Philanthropy
Foundation Policies (7 - 1)
Foundation: 2020-2021 Annual Impact Report
Foundation: 2021-22 Merit-Based Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients
Foundation: 990 Tax Returns
Foundation: Alumnae Do Good Hours Tracker
Foundation: Awards and Recognition
Foundation: Board of Trustees Bios
Foundation: Board of Trustees Selection Criteria
Foundation: Brick Order Form
Foundation: Ceremony - By the Light of Delta Gamma
Foundation: Ceremony - Do Good Foundation Ritual
Foundation: Convention Awards 2020
Foundation: Crisis Grant - Natural Disaster Application
Foundation: Crisis Grant - Personal Emergency Application
Foundation: Disability Etiquette Guide
Foundation: Do Good Service - Remote and Social Distance Opportunities
Foundation: Expense Report
Foundation: Expense Report FAQs
Foundation: Expense Report Instructions
Foundation: Foundation Focus
Foundation: Founders Legacy Society Gift Intention Form
Foundation: Founders Legacy Society Qualifying Gifts
Foundation: Funding A Merit-Based Scholarship or Graduate Fellowship
Foundation: Funding a Sisters Helping Sisters: Need-Based Scholarship
Foundation: Fundraising Flowchart for Collegians
Foundation: Gift Acceptance Policy
Foundation: Gift Intention Form
Foundation: Governance Resource
Foundation: Healthy Reading, Healthy Vision Toolkit
Foundation: Hope Child - Anchor Center, Denver
Foundation: Hope Child - Blind Children's Center, Los Angeles
Foundation: Hope Child - CCVI, Kansas City
Foundation: Hope Child - Foundation for Blind Children, Phoenix
Foundation: Hope Child Resources
Foundation: Important Dates and Deadlines
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Brand Elements
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics History
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Resource (Including Evaluations)
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Schedule
Foundation: Merit-Based Scholarship Application Guide
Foundation: Navigating Your Merit-Based Scholarship Application
Foundation: RFNC Pre-Visit Report Form
Foundation: RFNC Visit Report Form
Foundation: Schedule of Travel Allowances for Volunteers
Foundation: Service for Sight Eye Health and Safety Handouts
Foundation: Service for Sight Eye Health and Safety Handouts Printing Instructions
Foundation: Service for Sight Grant Application Information and Criteria
Foundation: Service for Sight Philanthropy and Do Good Hours
Foundation: Sisters Helping Sisters: Need-Based Scholarship Application Guide
Foundation: Three Areas of Support
Foundation: Tribute Gift Form
Foundation: Virtual Foundation Fundraising Resource for Collegians
Foundation: Volunteer At-a-Glance
Foundation: Volunteer Name Badge Stickers
Foundation: World Sight Awareness Week Toolkit
Founders Day 2022 Toolkit
Founders Day: Chapter Roll in Order of Founding
Founders Day: Planning Guide
Founders Day: Recognition
Founders Day: sample budget
Fraternity & Housing Policy Statements
Fraternity and Foundation Volunteer Email Flow Chart
Fraternity and Foundation Volunteer Organizational Chart
Fraternity Constitution
Fraternity Expense Report
Fraternity Expense Report FAQs
Fraternity Expense Report Instructions
Fraternity: Schedule of Travel Allowances for Volunteers
General Session Training
Greekbill Account Codes for Fundraising (for vp: finance and vp: Foundation)
greekbill Quick Reference Guide
Guide to Honor Board in Anchorbase
Guide to Recommendations
Guidelines for Taking Effective Minutes
Hazing Policy
Hearts Behind the Anchor: Prep Week Activity
Hearts Behind the Anchor: Roommate Worksheet
History of the Delta Gamma Badge
Honor Board Conversation Guide
Honor Board Formal Hearing Minutes for Anchorbase
Honor Board Handbook
Honor Board Letters: Automatic Probation Notification (APN)
Honor Board Supportive Programming
Honor Board: Formal Hearing Minutes
Honor Board: Letter of Appeal Template
Honor Board: Meeting Minutes
Honor Board: Navigation Honor Board Online
Honor Board: Notice of Rights
Honor Board: Online Introduction Video
Honor Board: RCS/CAC/NCC Expulsion Rationale
Honor Board: RCS/CAC/NCC Summary Activity Log
Honor Board: Sanction Terms Guide
Honor Board: Statement of Obligation Review (SOR)
Honor Board: Statement of Obligation Review Template
House Corp Secretary Information
House Corporation and House Director Policy
House Corporation Annual Meeting Information
House Corporation Basics
House Corporation Roster
House Corporation Summit 2020 Session Content
House Corporation Summit Attendance Grid
House Corporation Summit Expense Report Form
House Dedication Ceremony
House Director Conference Expense Report
House Director Handbook
House Director Job Description
House Duty Explanation Resource
Housing and Fraternity ACH Guide
Housing Expense Report – House Corporations and House Directors ONLY
Housing Guide to Re-Opening Fall 2020 (due to COVID-19)
Housing Manual
Housing Operations Accountant
Housing Operations Coordinator Job Description
Housing Premises Policy
Housing Request for Policy Waiver
Housing Waiver - Assistance Animal
Housing Waiver - Service Animal Waiver
Housing Waiver: Service Animal In Training
How to Plan an Alumnae Training Day
Human Dignity Chapter Preparation Guide
Human Dignity CMT Debrief Worksheet
Human Dignity Terms and Conditions
Human Dignity Worksheet
Human Dignity Workshop FAQ
i-9 form
Image: Backgrounds
Image: Delta Gamma Crest
Image: Desktop Wallpaper
Image: First Anchor Badge
Image: Founders
Image: High Resolution Crest (Color)
Image: Lewis School
Image: Phone Backgrounds
Image: PowerPoint Template - Standard Size
Image: PowerPoint Template - Widescreen
Image: Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom
Image: Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom - DG Crest Only
Image: Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom - Pi Alpha
Inclusion & Accountability: Addressing Racism during the Alumnae Membership Review Process
Inclusion & Accountability: Addressing Racism in Honor Board
Inclusion & Accountability: Membership Selection Process & Legacy Changes - FAQ
Inclusive Communities: Exploring Implicit Bias
Independent Security Contract
Individual Academic Success Plan and Midterm Check-In
Individual Alumnae Awards Policy
Initiation Authorization Guide
JCMT Quick Guide: collegiate alternate Panhellenic delegate
JCMT Quick Guide: collegiate Nominating Committee
JCMT Quick Guide: director of alumnae relations
JCMT Quick Guide: director of Anchor Splash
JCMT Quick Guide: director of chapter archives
JCMT Quick Guide: director of chapter property
JCMT Quick Guide: director of committees
JCMT Quick Guide: director of continuous recruitment and retention
JCMT Quick Guide: director of DG Dialogues
JCMT Quick Guide: director of e-communications
JCMT Quick Guide: director of fundraising
JCMT Quick Guide: director of funds
JCMT Quick Guide: director of house management
JCMT Quick Guide: director of interfraternal activities
JCMT Quick Guide: director of new members
JCMT Quick Guide: director of primary recruitment
JCMT Quick Guide: director of public relations
JCMT Quick Guide: director of recruitment records
JCMT Quick Guide: director of rituals
JCMT Quick Guide: director of scholarship
JCMT Quick Guide: director of senior programming
JCMT Quick Guide: director of service hours
JCMT Quick Guide: director of social awareness
JCMT Quick Guide: director of social events
JCMT Quick Guide: director of special events
JCMT Quick Guide: Honor Board member
Join a Sisterhood: Positive Panhellenic Contact
Journal Pages
Kelly & Becca: Creating a Culture of Consent
Kelly & Becca: Raising Respectful Humans
Kelly & Becca: Supporting Survivors
Kitchen Helper/Server/House Staff Job Description
Leadership Directories and Email Distribution Lists
Leadership Training: Lesson Planning Guide
Leadership Training: Transition Agenda
Library Quick Reference for vp: finance
Lost List: List of "Lost" Members
Loyally Anchored Exclusive Lifetime Benefits
Loyally Anchored Frequently Asked Questions
Loyally Anchored Graphic Elements
Maintenance Worker Job Description
Making the Most of Your Membership - Alumnae Engagement Guide
Manual of Information (MOI) Top 10
Mary Beth Seiler and Compass Award Past Recipients
Medical Amnesty Policy
Medical Waiver
Member Awards and Recognition Ideas
Member Inquiry Form
Member Status Guide for Chapter Members
Member Survey Excel Template
Membership Selection Policy
Mental Health External Resources
Mental Health Resource Guide
MJ Insurance Leadership Orientation Packet
MJ Insurance: Auto Insurance Cards
Mock Trial FAQ
Mock Trial Request Form
Model Bylaws for Housed Delta Gamma House Corporations
Model Bylaws for Unhoused Delta Gamma House Corporations
Module 1: Financial Goal Tracker Spreadsheet
Module 10 Resources: Stewardship & Giving
Module 2: Budgeting Spreadsheet
Module 3: Organizing Your Financial Life Spreadsheet
Module 7: Debt & Interest Rates Spreadsheet
Multi-Purpose Programming Guide
National Hazing Prevention Week - Human Dignity Promise
New Chapter Support Handbook
New Member Pursuit Facilitator's Guide
New Member Pursuit Workbook
New Member Virtual Bid Day Ideas
NPC Manual of Information (MOI)
NPC Statement on Sororities at UNR
NPC: Values-Based Recruitment Message
Officer Training Seminar Branded Templates
Omega Toast
On Report to Director: Collegiate Recruitment Development
One Student Financial Assistance Form
One Student Press Release
Online Privacy Notice
Organizational Equity Assessment Reframed Recommendations Report
Organizational Equity Assessment Report FAQ
Past Conventions - Years and Locations
Patricia Peterson Danielson Award Winners 2020
Pen Pal Program Guide
Pen Pal Program: Stationery
Photo/Video Release
Policy Creation, Approval and Education Process
Policy on Policies
Positional Statement on Campus Security Authorities with Sample Statement
Positional Statement on Contextualization
Positional Statement on Inappropriate Media Outlets
Positional Statement on Inclusivity
Positional Statement on the Discontinued Usage of Paddles as Gifts
Potential New Member (PNM) Email Template (after submitting a Recommendation Form)
PPD Award Application Instructions
PPD Award Winners 2019
President Roundtables and Collegiate Survey: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recommendations
Press Release Template
Press Release: Closure of Epsilon Nu-James Madison
Press Release: Delta Gamma Announces Inaugural Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory Commission
Press Release: Delta Gamma Foundation Elects Two Trustees for 2021-2024 Term
Press Release: Delta Gamma Fraternity "Doing Good" in Morocco
Press Release: Delta Gamma Fraternity Saddened by the Loss of Collegian Sierra Frazier, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State
Press Release: Delta Gamma Mourns the Loss of Collegiate Member Megan Mooney
Press Release: Delta Gamma Partners With Social Responsibility Speaks for Equity and Inclusion Efforts
Press Release: Delta Gamma Returning to Harvard University in Spring 2022
Press Release: Delta Gamma Saddened by the Loss of Collegiate Leader Hailey King, Nu-Idaho
Press Release: Stand Up to Harvard
Primary Recruitment Timelines
Quick Reference Guide for Confidential Information
RAS and ADC Visit Report
RAS Transition Guide
RAS Transition to ADC Form
RCRS, CRC, NCRC Visit Report
RCS Assessment Letters
RCS Honor Board Letters
Recommendation Chair FAQ
Recommendation Form Thank You Note Template
Recommendations for Virtual Slating, Elections and Transitions
Recommended Practices for Managing Mental Health or Emotional Concerns
Recruitment Confidential
Recruitment Confidential: Conversation Manual
Recruitment Preparation Workshops (RPW)
Recruitment: Additional Evaluations PowerPoint
Recruitment: MyVote Resources
Recruitment: Primary Recruitment Voting Guide
Recruitment: Voting Model Workshops
Recruitment: Voting Model Workshops (Adapted for Virtual Recruitment)
Recruitment: Zoom Breakout Room Template
Regional Collegiate Recruitment Specialist Handbook
Regional Director Calendar
Regional Facebook Groups
Relationship Statement Between House Corporations and Collegiate Chapters
Resignation of Membership
Resignation of New Membership
Resume Skills for Alumnae Officers
Retention Report Guide
Rethinking Recruitment and Retention: Recognizing and Reducing Social Class Barriers to Membership
Revisiting Our Rituals: Pi Alpha, Inspiration and Initiation
RFM Specialist Standards
RFS Pre-CDC Visit Form
Risk Management Philosophy
Rituals Handbook (Formal & Informal)
Rituals Order Form
Rituals Standards Order Form
Rituals Supply List
Room Search Guidelines
Ruth Billow History
Sample Communications Plan (Event)
Sample Outline of House Corporation Board Meeting Minutes
Scholarship Handbook
Security Guard Job Description
Senior Programming and Recognition
Slating, Elections & Transitions (SET) Step 3 Presentation
Social Media Community Guidelines
Social Media Policy (6 - 2)
Social Media Policy FAQ
Social Media Policy Procedures
Statement of Obligation
Status Tracker Template Instructions for Chapter
Strategic Forecast 2020-2023
Strategies to Confront Hazing
Supporting Survivors Resource Guide
Tangible Ways to be a Champion for Sisters
The Champion Collective Bingo
The Oath and Me - Worksheet
The Shield
The Sorority Life Content Creator Description
Think Anchor Deep Handbook
Trademarks and Licensing
Transfer Student Affiliation FAQ
Transfer Student Affiliation Programming
Travel and Event Policy (1 - 2)
Un Guía para la Familia (Family Guide - Spanish Version)
Uploading Confirmation of Sponsorship to the Manage New Members Task
Using Smart Data: Office of Housing webinar
Using the Recommendation Forms Report in Anchorbase
Video Best Practices
Virtual Event Technology: Requirements, Best Practices and FAQ
Virtual Programming Guide
Virtual Recruitment Handbook
Virtual Recruitment Prep Checklist
Virtual Wreath Making Supply List
Volunteer At-a-Glance (Fraternity)
Volunteer Position Description Handbook
Volunteer Service Agreements - Alumnae Group Officers
Volunteer Service Agreements - House Corporation Board Members
Volunteer Service Agreements - Local Advisers
vp: Panhellenic Communications Flow Chart
W-9 Form
W-9 Request for Vendors
Whistleblower Policy
Winter Directors Meeting Virtual Event Schedule
Working Group and Committee Process
Xcelasone Frequently Asked Questions
Zoom meeting basics
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