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Foundation: Important Dates and Deadlines
2021-2023 Leadership Appointments
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Brand Elements
Foundation: Three Areas of Support
Foundation: Healthy Reading, Healthy Vision Toolkit
Foundation: World Sight Awareness Week Toolkit
Foundation: Service for Sight Eye Health and Safety Handouts Printing Instructions
Foundation: Service for Sight Eye Health and Safety Handouts
Foundation: Virtual Foundation Fundraising Resource for Collegians
Foundation: Schedule of Travel Allowances for Volunteers
Foundation: Hope Child - Foundation for Blind Children, Phoenix
Foundation: Hope Child - Blind Children's Center, Los Angeles
Foundation: Hope Child - CCVI, Kansas City
Foundation: Hope Child - Anchor Center, Denver
Foundation: Hope Child Resources
Foundation: Do Good Service - Remote and Social Distance Opportunities
Foundation: Alumnae Do Good Hours Tracker
Foundation Education for Recruitment: Let's Talk Philanthropy
Foundation: Founders Legacy Society Gift Intention Form
Foundation: Ceremony - Do Good Foundation Ritual
Foundation: Service for Sight Philanthropy and Do Good Hours
Greekbill Account Codes for Fundraising (for vp: finance and vp: Foundation)
Foundation: 990 Tax Returns
Foundation: Board of Trustees Selection Criteria
Foundation: Governance Resource
Foundation: Board of Trustees Bios
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Resource (Including Evaluations)
Foundation: 2020-2021 Annual Impact Report
Foundation: Gift Intention Form
Foundation: Brick Order Form
Foundation: Lectureships in Values and Ethics Schedule
Foundation: Funding a Sisters Helping Sisters: Need-Based Scholarship
Foundation Policies (7 - 1)
Foundation: Awards and Recognition
Foundation: Fundraising Flowchart for Collegians
Foundation: RFNC Pre-Visit Report Form
Foundation: Gift Acceptance Policy
Foundation: Navigating Your Merit-Based Scholarship Application
Foundation: RFNC Visit Report Form
Foundation: Expense Report Instructions
Foundation: Expense Report FAQs
Foundation: Expense Report
Foundation: 2021-22 Merit-Based Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients
JCMT Quick Guide: director of service hours
JCMT Quick Guide: director of fundraising
JCMT Quick Guide: director of Anchor Splash
Foundation: Disability Etiquette Guide
Foundation: Funding A Merit-Based Scholarship or Graduate Fellowship
CMT Quick Guide: vp: Foundation
Foundation: Crisis Grant - Natural Disaster Application
Foundation: Crisis Grant - Personal Emergency Application
Foundation: Merit-Based Scholarship Application Guide
Foundation: Convention Awards 2020
Foundation: Volunteer Name Badge Stickers
Foundation: Sisters Helping Sisters: Need-Based Scholarship Application Guide
Foundation Constitution
Foundation: Tribute Gift Form
Foundation: Service for Sight Grant Application Information and Criteria
Foundation: Founders Legacy Society Qualifying Gifts
Foundation: Ceremony - By the Light of Delta Gamma
Foundation: Foundation Focus
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