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2021-2022 Collegiate Recruitment Schedule
Recruitment: Voting Model Workshops (Adapted for Virtual Recruitment)
Virtual Recruitment Prep Checklist
Anchorbase: Pre Recruitment Call Agenda
2021-2022 CDC Recruitment Related Visits
Using the Recommendation Forms Report in Anchorbase
Uploading Confirmation of Sponsorship to the Manage New Members Task
EVC Transition Workshop - Inclusion
Recruitment: Zoom Breakout Room Template
Foundation Education for Recruitment: Let's Talk Philanthropy
Rethinking Recruitment and Retention: Recognizing and Reducing Social Class Barriers to Membership
Inclusive Communities: Exploring Implicit Bias
Virtual Recruitment Handbook
Inclusion & Accountability: Membership Selection Process & Legacy Changes - FAQ
Recruitment: Voting Model Workshops
Join a Sisterhood: Positive Panhellenic Contact
Recruitment: Primary Recruitment Voting Guide
Recruitment: MyVote Resources
JCMT Quick Guide: director of continuous recruitment and retention
Recruitment: Additional Evaluations PowerPoint
Recruitment Preparation Workshops (RPW)
JCMT Quick Guide: director of recruitment records
JCMT Quick Guide: director of primary recruitment
Hearts Behind the Anchor: Prep Week Activity
Primary Recruitment Timelines
Collegiate Recruitment Policy
Membership Selection Policy
Recruitment Confidential: Conversation Manual
Guide to Recommendations
Recruitment Confidential
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